Sustainable Living Systems™ is the most efficient and progressive homebuilder in today’s eco-friendly real estate market.

As Millennials move into the first phase of home ownership, and Baby Boomers move into the final phase, each group is smarter than ever about affordable structures that will satisfy their diverse needs while honoring the environment.


We “build a better box” for the homeowner who wants to build with efficiency, comfort, and reap energy cost savings. These homes are also durable and reduce the carbon footprint of each owner. From design and construction to financing, Sustainable Living Systems™ homes are built with affordability, reliability, and the conservation of natural resources in mind. Each component of a Sustainable Living Systems™ home is designed to work in harmony

with the others.


Your savings begin with company’s patent-pending EDGE™ track and panel system.  The panels are made of structural steel and extruded polystyrene that are rough in ready (pre-wired and pre-plumbed) for quick and easy framing.  The EDGE™ panels not only exceed the National Green Building Standard’s requirements but also qualify for Energy Star Ratings that are the highest assessment available by the Homer Energy Rating Systems (HERS).


The savings continue with our temperature control feature.  In the Southern states, builders allocate 1 ton of air conditioning for every 450 to 700 square feet.  The Sustainable Living Systems™ home only requires 1 ton of air conditioning for up to 1,250 square feet.


Also, we make daily strides in the efficient installation of solar panels and photo-catalytic coatings that integrate with our water heaters and air conditioning units.  The savings continue with our installation of appliances with the highest Energy Star ratings.


Together, these features add up to 70% energy reduction, providing the homeowner with cost savings of approximately $300 per month or $3,600 per year.


The Sustainable Living Systems™ home is Emerald Level Certified by the National Green Building Standard.

This preeminent residential green building rating system has four certification levels: bronze, silver, gold, and emerald.  It outlines best practices for green builders, remodelers, and developers to plan their projects.


We will build your home to fit your neighborhood. Sustainable Living Systems™ homes are unique in the availability of style and design. Unlike some green builders using ultra-modern exteriors, your home can seamlessly integrate with the style and architecture of your area.


Even with the environment in mind, your home will be the fortress against the elements you need.  Sustainable Living Systems™ homes are terminate-proof, mold resistant, quiet, and cost less to maintain.


Sustainable Living Systems™ homes circumvent some of the most time-consuming and expensive aspects of home construction with the EDGE™ panels system.  Homeowners enjoy quiet environments and experience energy savings all within a home designed to their preference.



Changing your coefficient of consumption without changing your lifestyle

Sustainable Living Systems™ is a new concept in home building. Each component of a Sustainable Living Systems™ home is designed to support energy efficiency, comfort and durability. From design to construction to financing, Sustainable Living Systems™ homes are built with affordability and reliability in mind.

The first Sustainable Living Systems™ home has already been pre-certified at the highest level of energy-efficiency by the National Green Build Standard, the preeminent source for green home certification in the US. Few homes have achieved this certification level.


Do what is right


Put People First


Reach Higher


Focus on your customers


Enjoy life




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Robert “Bob” J. Ellis, Jr.

Donald J. Boudreaux

Alex H. Edwards III

Robert “Bob” J. Ellis, Jr.,

Director & General Counsel

Mr. Ellis is a principle in Canlas Ellis, LLC, law firm and Gulf Coast Regional Center, LLC, an approved EB-5 Regional Center serving Louisiana. Mr. Ellis graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1994 and returned home to attend Loyola University New Orleans law and business graduate schools. While in graduate school, Mr. Ellis worked as the Director of Government Relations for Hibernia National Bank managing the Hibernia People for Good Government Political Action Committee wherein he proposed legislation and worked alongside state and federal legislators. Mr. Ellis graduated with a Juris Doctorate and Masters of Business Administration in May of 1998. After graduating Loyola University, Mr. Ellis began as an attorney working primarily in the area of municipal taxation and finance. In 2002, Mr. Ellis was selected to Chair the New Orleans’ Mayor’s Transition Team Task Force on Sales and Use Tax Collection. Thereafter, he began representing the City of New Orleans in Sales and Use Tax Collection matters as Special Tax Counsel. In 2004, Mr. Ellis became an Assistant City Attorney representing the City in an expanded role. In 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he was designated as “essential” staff and returned to the City to assist in its rebuilding and recovery. Soon thereafter, Mr. Ellis was promoted to Deputy City Attorney and assigned additional duties in Transactions, Finance (municipal finance and taxation), Housing, General Litigation, and representing the New Orleans Municipal Employees’ Retirement Board. In June 2011, Mr. Ellis resigned from the City to pursue his passion as attorney-entrepreneur.

Donald J. Boudreaux,

Co-founder and Director

Donald Boudreaux is currently the President and owner of Southern Chem Industries LLC. Founded in 1971, Southern Chem Industries is a blender and distributor of specialty chemical compounds. The company primarily services oil and petrochemical facilities with a variety of innovative products and services. Mr. Boudreaux has been involved in the success of several startup operations and has negotiated the acquisition of three companies during his 30+ year career at SCI. The company recently expanded its sugar processing division based in Louisiana into Central and South American markets. SCI continues to expand its markets through technological advancement solutions. Donald is a 1983 graduate of Louisiana State University.

Alex H. Edwards III,

Co-founder and CEO

Alex Edwards III is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sustainable Holdings Inc. and Sustainable Fuel Inc. Mr. Edwards also serves as a consultant and Business Development Advisor for Southern Chem, Inc. and as Managing Partner of Trident Consulting Partners, a private consulting firm specializing in executive leadership and structured finance for microcap companies. Previously, Mr. Edwards was a founding member of BioFuels Development International and served as its Chairman of the Board as well as Chairman of its wholly owned subsidiaries Channel BioRefinery and Terminals and Louisiana BioDiesel. Mr. Edwards has served in multiple executive leadership roles and on numerous Boards of Directors in developmental companies from 2004 through 2010. From May 2002 through December 2004, Edwards was a managing partner of 360 Partners as well as president and CEO of 360 Energy. Before that, he was in private consulting practice utilizing his experiences with leadership in healthcare growth companies. During this period, Edwards served in numerous corporate capacities including a directorship at American Enterprise Corporation. From January 1997 to May 2002, Edwards was an executive with SRI/Surgical Express. There, he rose through the ranks from Vice-President/general manager to President. 24 Prior to this, he worked in sales and marketing with Dianon Systems, Inc. His positions included sales and sales management roles, as well as field and corporate marketing. Mr. Edwards also served as an officer in the United States Navy with duty assignments ranging from shipboard divisional leadership to executive assistant for the Naval Surface Group Commander in Norfolk, Virginia. Alex Edwards is a 1987 graduate of the United States Naval Academy.

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